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Neighbourhood Plan

Bishop's Itchington Neighbourhood Development Plan

Why Have One?

  • The Government is placing a renewed emphasis on planning at the local level and it believes that "local people know best what local needs are."
  • A Neighbourhood Development Plan allows communities to come together to shape the future of developments in their area.

What is it?

  • A Neighbourhood Development Plan will be a new way of helping Bishop's Itchington to decide where and what type of development there should be.
  • A Neighbourhood Development Plan cannot override or conflict with national or local planning policy but it can be used to:

Develop a shared vision of our neighbourhood

Choose where new homes, shops, offices and other developments should be built

Identify and protect important local green spaces

Influence what new buildings should look like

Who's Involved?

Bishop's Itchington NDP Working Party

Your parish council has commissioned a group of residents, led by parish councillors, to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan comprising:

  • Councillors: Steve Tressler; Norman Thomas; Dawn Mann
  • Residents: There are no non-councillors in this group at the moment. Interested residents are welcome. We need people with a variety of experience and skills. Please contact the parish council office to find out more.

How will it happen?

  • A Neighbourhood Development Plan must be a genuine community document and you can contribute.
  • There will be consultation and collaboration throughout its development using different channels such as:
    • Meetings and events
    • Leaflets and posters
    • Workshops and questionnaires
    • The parish magazine
    • Website & social media

Latest News:

September 2020

  • The draft plan compiled
  • Planning consultants, Kirkwells Limited, have been appointed to professinally produce the plan on behalf of Bishop's Itchington Parish Council

October 2020

  • Draft plan submitted to Stratford District Council for review

January 2021

  • Stratford District Council advised that they have now passed the plan for pre-submission consultation (Regulation 14). 

Febuary 2021

  • Public consultation to start on 1 February 2021 and will run for 8 weeks


Details of the consultation, together with a copy of the Draft Plan and comments form can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Page:-