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The cemetery is just outside the village on the B4451, heading towards Deppers Bridge. There is a layby at the entrance, but no other car parking available. Despite being close to the road, the cemetery is very peaceful and surrounded by countryside.

The cemetery has been serving the village of Bishops Itchington for just over 100 years and in its centenary year of 2005, a plaque was installed on the wall of the chapel to commemorate this.


Valerie Powell manages the cemetery on behalf of the parish council. Any enquires regarding interments or the erection of memorials should be directed to Valerie on 0779 241 8642 or email:

Cemetery Rules

A copy of the rules can be obtained from the parish clerk on 01926 613902. Alternatively, they can be downloaded from this website.


We are very lucky to have a small but dedicated group of volunteers who carry out a range of different maintenance tasks not covered by our regular grounds maintenance contractor. This has included clearing weeds and brambles from graves which no longer have any family members to care for them, trmming of overhanging branches and the installation of new guttering on the tool shed along with a new water butt. We really appreciate their hard work which does much to enhance the appearance of the cemetery. If you would like to be involved, please contact the parish council office on 01926 613902.

Cemetery Rules

A copy of the cemetery rules can be downloaded from this page or a hard copy can be obtained from the parish council office. In addition to the cemetery rules, there is a separate policy regarding applications for burial in Bishop's Itchington Cemetery by non-residents of the parish.

Cemetery Fees

The current fees for burials and the erection of memorials were implemented from 1 April 2020 and can be downloaded from this page. Please note that fees may be doubled for non-residents of the parish in certain circumstances. Please contact the cemetery manager for more information.

Cemetery fees are set by the parish council and are very reasonable when compared to the fees charged by larger, municipal cemeteries. The fees go towards the cost of maintaining the cemetery which is a much valued local amenity. Maintenance of the cemetery costs several thousand pounds each year and includes regular grass mowing, tree and hedge trimming, maintenance of the buildings and refuse collection.