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The Parish Clerk

Karen Stevens is head of the council's administration and is also the responsible finance officer. Karen deals with all aspects of parish council business and can be contacted on 07450360453 or 01926 613902 or

Cemetery Manager

Valerie Powell manages the cemetery on behalf of the parish council. Any enquiries re burials, interment of ashes or erection of headstones should be directed to Valerie on 0779 241 8642 or

Play Area Inspector

Jules Kirton is our play area inspector. Jules carries out a weekly basic inspection of the play area and its equipment. He has completed the RoSPA certified rouitne playground inspection course. Members of the public can also help by reporting any damaged or broken equipment, fencing or furniture that they come across, to the parish council office on 01926 613902.

Grounds Maintenance

We are responsible for looking after all the public open spaces, verges and greens in the village, including the cemetery, churchyard and playing field. Our grounds maintenance contractor is:

Thomas Fox Landscaping & Maintenance

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of grounds maintenance, please contact the clerk on 01926 613902.

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