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Playground Tender Documentation

This Tender Opportunity has now closed. 


Invitation to Tender for

Bishop’s Itchington Parish Council Playground


Site location:

Chapel Street

Bishop’s Itchington

CV47 2RB


Please note that due to proposed postal strikes, the deadline for the receipt of tenders has been extended by one week to 31st Octber 2022 at 13:00hours



Bishop’s Itchington Parish Council is proposing to replace the majority of its playground equipment with the installation of new equipment including appropriate surfacing for younger children. 
The play area is intended to be used by children with ages ranging from toddler to mid-teens. 
Experienced play area installers are invited to tender for the contract.
It is anticipated that construction work will be carried out in Spring 2023 with the playground ready for use June 1st 2023 at the latest. An earlier construction programme can be agreed with the Parish Council if preferred by the contractor.
Please refer to the ‘site information’ section of this tender for the background information to the site.
A map of the location is attached on page 14.
The children’s play area is located in a fenced off section within the playing field area. 
All prices are to be net, excluding VAT.
Companies must be registered with the API (Association of Play Industries) to tender for this contract. Please supply copies of current certificate for accreditations for the above membership plus details of any other relevant accreditations.
A timescale for commencing this project will be agreed between Bishop’s Itchington Parish Council and the chosen Contractor.


Name of project:      Bishop’s Itchington Playground Project 2023
Project budget:        Up to £150,000
Location:                  Chapel Street, Bishop’s Itchington, Warwickshire, CV47 2RB
Responsible Officer: Karen Stevens, Parish Clerk                                           
IMPORTANT:   A site visit is essential to assess access, gain detailed measurements, location of nearby properties and access points to and around the site. The play area is an open site and suppliers are welcome to visit the site at their own convenience without penalty.

1.            TENDER PROCESS

1.1        Bishop’s Itchington Parish Council wishes to employ a Principal Contractor to carry out the supply and installation of new play equipment and                      safety surfacing for an age range of toddlers to mid-teens. 
1.2        Tenderers are required to submit a fixed price lump sum tender on the Form of Tender provided with this document.
1.3        Tenders should be returned in a sealed envelope bearing no company identification and marked TENDER FOR BISHOP’S ITCHINGTON PLAY AREA                to:
              The Parish Clerk,
              Bishop’s Itchington Parish Council,
              The Old Sorting Office,
              Chapel Street,
              Bishop’s Itchington,
              CV47 2RB
              by 13:00 hours on 31st October 2022
              The following should be submitted:
             ● Quotation Breakdown form
             ● A copy of your certificate of public liability insurance
             ● A copy of your company’s Health and Safety Policy
             ● A copy of your company’s API (Association of Play Industries) certification
1.4        Designs should be presented on A4 and A2 as well as a digital image in a standard format (JPG, PNG, etc).
1.5        Bishop’s Itchington Parish Council does not bind itself to accept any tender. The Council reserves the right to delete any items from the tender                     should the tender exceed the budget. No payment will be made in respect of any expenses incurred by the tenderers in submitting a tender.
1.6        Tenderers should liaise with the Parish Clerk ( during the tender period regarding any queries or concerns on                the content of this specification. 
             Any questions about the project are to be sent to the Clerk by 30th September 2022 - any responses after this will not be responded to. All                           questions asked will be shared to all interested parties via blind copy email
1.7        Sustainability
             ● Priority will be given to Contractors who share the Parish Council’s environmental objectives (see Stratford on Avon District Council                                        Environmental Policy). Contractors must submit an Environmental Statement and outline how they and their suppliers are minimising                                    environmental impact including:
                ○ Sourcing materials
                ○ Manufacture
                ○ Packaging
                ○ Transport
                ○ Disposal and product end of life options
             ● Priority will be given to sustainable and easy/affordable equipment to maintain.
             ● Contractors and any companies involved in the supply/procurement of the play equipment must comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015,                          wherever it applies.
             ● The Parish Council will look favourably to organisations that pay the Living Wage.

2.        PROJECT AIMS

2.1        To provide an innovative, inclusive modern play area to suit children with ages ranging from toddlers to mid-teens.
2.2        To supply and install new play equipment and safety surfacing.
2.3        The play area must suit toddlers to mid-teens of all abilities.


3.1        The Contractor should visit the site at their own expense to satisfy themselves as to the conditions on site that may affect in any manner                                whatsoever the execution of the works detailed hereafter.
3.2        Compound - A designated compound will be agreed prior to works commencing. The area must be secure and safe and must not impact on                          facilities. The Parish Council reserve the right to determine the final location of the compound.

4.         DESIGN BRIEF

4.1          The design brief has been determined by the Parish Council playground working group comprising parish council members and other residents                 of the village. 
4.2          Supply and install new play equipment and safety surfacing suitable for children aged from toddler to mid-teen. The design of the play area                         must include equipment which complies with the full identified age range. You are required to show how your chosen play equipment                                   accommodates this age range.
4.3         The playground equipment should fit in with the rural aspect of the village.
4.4         The playground equipment should include the following criteria/activities: Swinging, Climbing, Sliding  
4.5         The playground should have a “centrepiece” item, however this piece of equipment does not need to be situated in the physical centre of the                       playground.
4.6          The play area layout should be designed such that the equipment intended for younger children is grouped separately and together, and not                       within or amongst the equipment intended for older users. The location of this section for younger users will be preferably close to the west or                   “top” entrance to the play area. This area for younger users should also include seating for parents/minders and it would be beneficial if this                         seating could provide some shade from the sun.
4.7         The successful tenderer will need to show the inclusive play value of their design. A fully inclusive playground promotes the social model of                           disability where barriers to play are designed out. It enables self-esteem and builds confidence as well as encouraging independence.
4.8         All works equipment and IAS shall be manufactured, tested, installed and conform to the relevant British and European Standards (i.e.                                  BSEN1176 and BSEB1177).
4.9         The play equipment must also comply with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) i.e. all-inclusive play and accessibility. 
              Existing play equipment:
4.10      The aerial runway is to be retained in its current location and this section of the play area should not be included in the new works.
4.11      There is a preference for the following items of equipment to be retained, albeit not necessarily in the same location. This is not essential but                      rationale should be given if they are not retained
              ● 2 x Springers
              ● See Saw
              ● Twisted rope (on green mulch)
              ● Elephant rocker
               All other existing is to be removed and disposed of by the contractor, unless otherwise instructed.
             New equipment:
4.12     The following equipment should be incorporated into the design along with the general requirements for Swinging, Climbing & Sliding. 
             ● Cantilever swing
             ● Obstacle course
             ● Monkey bars
             ● Two playboards for toddlers - eg. Noughts & Crosses
             Preparation and groundworks:
4.13     Excess materials, spoil and surfacing from excavations must be disposed of at a licenced recycling centre at the Contractor’s cost.
4.14     The Contractor must provide skips when required and secure all skips behind Heras security fencing when unattended to avoid fly tipping.
4.15     Please identify the price within the Tender for any necessary grass, tarmac and other reinstatement works that may be required following                             completion of works.
 4.16    Ownership, liability and responsibility for insurance of the play area and installation works will lie with the Contractor until a satisfactory RoSPA                   Post-Installation Report has been accepted by Bishops Itchington Parish Council. This will be confirmed in writing on the day of the handover of                   the site by the Parish Clerk or nominated representative and the Contractor.
4.17    Storage of new play equipment, machinery and equipment, etc during the construction period will be the responsibility of the Contractor.


5.1        A project co-ordinator or single point of contact must be nominated by the successful tenderer who should be readily contactable to deal with                     any queries and problems that may arise.
5.2        The play area must be contained within security fencing – Heras temporary security fencing or similar, supplied by the Contractor, whilst work is                  in progress and Heras temporary security fencing should remain in place until a satisfactory RoSPA Post-Installation Inspection and Report has                    been completed and submitted to the Parish Council.
5.3        There is potential welfare in the pavilion building, which has running water and electricity. This is an old, antiquated building so contractors are                    assumed to provide their own welfare initially, with the use of this building discussed at a pre-start meeting. 
5.5        Access to the remainder of the playing field open space must be available and safe at all times.
5.6        All equipment and machinery should be fit for purpose and maintained in accordance with current legislation, i.e. MoT, Tax, LOLER, PUWER, etc.                 The Contractor shall ensure that any construction noise does not cause nuisance to any users of the Open Space or neighbouring residential                        properties or roads, etc outside the site boundary.
5.7        Radios are permitted however the volume level should be kept at a reasonable level as not to cause a nuisance to residential properties. 
5.8        The Contractor will need to supply the Parish Council with a copy of their site Risk Assessment, Method Statement and a copy of their public                        liability insurance at least 14 working days before the start of the project.
5.9        The Contractor shall advise the Parish Council immediately of any deficiencies in the Method Statement or Risk Assessment, or unforeseen                          hazards to Health and Safety which may become apparent as the project proceeds. The includes notification of any RIDDOR incidents during                        construction.
5.10      It is not known if there are any underground services within the play area, the Contractor is advised to have satisfied themself of the extent and                  location of all underground services in order to safely undertake the works. The Contractor is to allow for all costs associated with protecting                        from and working with the materials within this tender.
5.11     The Contractor shall take all precautions as are necessary to protect the health and safety of all persons employed by him and shall comply with                 all the requirements of any Acts, Regulations, orders or directions pertaining to the health and safety of employed persons, the employees of the               Parish Council and all other persons.
5.12     The Contractor shall allow the Parish Council representatives such access as may be required to buildings, locations, vehicles or operations used                 in relation to this project.
5.13     The Contractor shall be required to attend such meetings as the Parish Clerk or their nominated representative may require for the                                       administration and successful completion of this Contract.
5.14     The Contractor will be responsible for reinstatement works for any damage whatsoever caused to the interior and exterior of the play area or the               surrounding open space, pathways, fencing, kerbing, signs, street furniture and private land/property resulting from installation works or                             deliveries. Carry out all reinstatement works in accordance with good landscape practices. Full payment may be withheld until the site and                           adjoining areas are left in a state deemed acceptable, and to the satisfaction of the Parish Council.

6.        SURFACING

6.1        Supply new safety surfacing where appropriate that complies with the relevant British/European safety standards.
6.2        There is no preferred finish, however it must not be loose fill. 
6.3        Details must be provided about preparation of the sub-base. It is expected that all new surfacing will be laid on a sub-base, not directly onto soil.


7.1         A full schedule of maintenance requirements is to be provided once the play area is completed. This should include a breakdown of items,                          specifications and maintenance requirements to assist with the future site management, inspections and maintenance.
7.2        Please provide details of your own and manufacturer guarantees and warranties on equipment, safety surfacing and installation works with the                 Tender.
7.3        The works will be subject to an independent Post-Installation Inspection (PII) before the project is signed off (as per the pricing and payment                        section). The Contractor shall undertake any remedial issues identified as part of the PII report, as part of the existing project cost. The play area                must not be opened for public use until the PII has been signed off to the satisfaction of the Parish Council.


8.1        Works are permitted to be carried out during normal working hours, 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Out of hours work may be permitted by the                   Parish Council, subject to the nature of works. Noisy works will generally not be permitted at weekends.
8.2        Site working hours to be agreed with the Parish Council


9.1        The Contractor shall supply and do everything necessary for the proper execution and completion of the work that may be reasonably inferred                    from the Contract Documents whether described in detail or not, without any extra payment in respect thereof.
9.2        Payment will be upon satisfactory completion of the works and following receipt by the Parish Council of a satisfactory RoSPA Post-Installation                      Report. This report should be commissioned, paid for and supplied to Bishop’s Itchington Parish Council by the Contractor before the play area                  is released back to Bishop’s Itchington Parish Council.


                 Date:                                                 Action:                                                                                                                                  Closing Date:
                12th September 2022                     Publish tender using Contract Finder and by email notification to
                                                                           companies that have expressed an interest.
                12th September 2022                     Deadline for questions on the project to the Parish Council.                                26th September 2022 
                30th September 2022                    Question responses distributed to all parties.                                                          30th September 2022
                31st October 2022                          Tender Offer Submission Deadline.                                                                            31st October 2022 at 13:00 hours
                October/November 2022 (TBC)    Full evaluation of anonymous tenders to select shortlist of preferred
                                                                           designs as per evaluation criteria.
                14th November 2022                     Full Parish Council meeting to select preferred supplier.
                16th November 2022                     Contractor notified*
                 November 2022 (TBC)                   Public reveal on selected designs.


                To ensure that tenders are evaluated fairly, the tables below aim to identify the scoring criteria and evaluation methodology:
                Scoring system

                Play Value 35%

                Design Rationale 30%

                Inclusivity 15% 
                Durability 10%
                Program of works 5%
                References 5% 
               A standard 0-5 point scoring system will be used and is detailed below:
              0      Unacceptable: Non-compliant / deficient for the criteria used
              1      Poor: Limited response which is lacking sufficient detail or is inaccurate
              2      Below expectations: Minimal achievement of requirements with weaknesses or omissions
              3      Adequate: Reasonable achievement of requirements with weaknesses or omissions (which would be difficult to overcome)
              4      Good: Comprehensive response, detailed and relevant with no inconsistencies
              5      Excellent: Exceptional submission, demonstrating high ability, understanding and experience to deliver the project to a high standard
              The score for each section will then be divided by the maximum number of marks for that question and then multiplied by the weighting to give                  a weighted score for that element.
               For example, the score for a 50% weighted section where 2 out of 5 possible marks is scored will be calculated as follows:
               2/5 x 50 = 20% for that section
               Each section will then be added together for an overall mark out of 100%.
               The evaluation of the tender processes will be carried out by the Playground Working Group.


              The procurement process will be conducted and in compliance with The Public Procurement Regulations 2015 as amended. The objective is to                    be fair, transparent and proportionate based on the type of project and to ultimately selection the most economically advantageous tender.
              The tender process will be by Open Tender.
              The play area is an open site and suppliers are welcome to visit the site at their own convenience without penalty.
              All questions and requests for clarification should be by email and will, subject to there being a confidentiality issue which cannot be resolved,                    posted to a dedicated page on the Parish Council’s website for all potential bidders to see.


             All Tenderers shall provide all the information requested in the tender pack. 
             In the interest of transparency with the exception of the covering letter, all presented information within the tender including designs should be                 anonymised with no identifying logos or hyperlinks.
             Unclear Tenders may be discounted in evaluation. The Parish Council reserves the right to seek clarification.
             To ensure that Tenders are evaluated on a consistent basis it is essential that responses are made to all the requirements listed within this                           document and are clearly reference to specific evaluation criteria.
             The Parish Council will collate its findings and make the final selection of the preferred Contractor.
             The Parish Council’s decision is final and will reflect the offer that most meets all the specifications and public expectations.
             Quotation Breakdown - To be included with your Tender
Quotation Breakdown (to be included with your Tender)
Preliminaries £                  
Cost of Safety Surfacing £        
Cost of Play Equiment £
Installation of Equipment £
RoSPA Post-Installation Inspection £
Reinstatement Works £
Contingencies £
Project Total: £


             Map of Play Area  

               Below is a map showing the play area (highlighted in yellow).

               Please note that bthere is a Public Right of Way from the tarmac car park, through the play area along the north side of the area and past the                       ariel runway and into the adjoining field.