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The parish council has 9 seats. Current members, and their particular areas of responsibility, are as follows:

Cllr Adam Dugmore, Chairman 01926 614690: Properties & Environment; Planning; Neighbourhood Plan Group

Cllr Judith Christian-Carter 01926 614767: Properties & Environment; HR; Planning; Cemetery & Churchyard; Memorial Hall

Cllr Alan Heatley, Vice-chairman 01926 613019: Finance; HR; Neighbourhood Plan Group; Parish Office; Cemetery & Churchyard

Cllr Peter Holmes 01926 614008: HR; Properties & Environment; Planning; Traffic Calming

Cllr Chris Kettle 01926 614395: Finance; Parish Office

Cllr Michael Mann 01926 612346: Properties & Environment; Traffic Calming; BI Community Project; Pavilion Project

Cllr Rob Parker 0793 2977 109: Finance; Neighbourhood Plan Group; Pavilion Project; Neighbourhood Plan Group; BISA

Cllr David Warner 01926 614954

Cllr Sue Wilson 0786 6761 018: Neighbourhood Plan Group; Traffic Calming; Parish Office

Vacancies for councillors arise from time to time. If you think you may be interested in taking on this role, please see the leaflet "Become a Councillor" which can be downloaded from this page.

Code of Conduct

Members of the parish council are bound by a code of conduct a copy of which can be downloaded from this page.

Register of Interests

Members must register disclosable pecuniary interests as defined in the regulations set out by the Secretary of State. Details of each member's register can be found by clicking on the following link:

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